Elaboration of topographical surveys inside and outside the limits of the planning zone by using appropriate and contemporary surveying machinery (geodetic GPS STONEX S9 GNSS, total station STONEX R6).

The mapping of land and properties is succeeded with the RTK method or with a combination of the RTK method and the use of the total station. In each case the property is connected to the Greek Geodetic Reference System 1987 EGSA . For this processes we use either the HEPOS network or alternatively the CIVILSHOP network. We are also able to imprint internally and externally buildings for the purposes of topographical surveys.

After completing the topographical survey, with an automated process the customer is able to see the outline of the topographical survey of the property in the digital maps of the pilot operation of the National Cadastre . Also, there is the option to commence the reverse process; there is the possibility of developing - defining the boundaries of the land plot from the known topographic survey's data (Method STAKE). Finally, we can also position the outline of the building to be erected at the property.


Stonex R6

Stonex S9


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