The site is located in the Albaicin Hill, in the city centre of Granada just across the Alhambra. Currently it is an empty field surrounded by three buildings and separated from the road by a wall. It has a great view to the Alhambra as the space in front of it is a garden.

Few places in the world have such a diversity of wildflowers as the Iberian peninsula. These vary from poisonous plants and trees to plants used for perfume or cosmetic purposes. Big part of this variety of plants, which are really rare, are the wild orchids of Andalusia.

Orchid is a flower that is known for its beauty and fragrance. By getting orchid's liquid extract we actually extract an essential oil. There are many different methods for the extraction of essential oil from the flower. Distillation is by far the most popular method. The essential oil is mainly found in the leaves, the flowers, the seeds, the roots and the stems of the orchid. The stills of this kind are dating from the eighth century, where they were used by the Arabs. Many different methods have been used, and the best method is to use a "low pressure" retort which produces the best quality essential oil for cosmetics and aromatherapy purposes.

The plot is to be remodeled as an overgrown mountainside with orchids, with the aboveground part of this ''hill'' to be used for cultivating and harvesting orchids, totally eligible to be visited by the public for educational or recreational purposes. On the left side of the plot will run a small factory unit where the extracted oils will be used for the production of aromatic oils, scented soaps and shampoos.

Shampoos were originally created by chemists in the laboratory. The process begins by defining the characteristics of the shampoo. It should be decided upon the aesthetic characteristics, such as how thick it should be, the color and smell. They also examine the performance characteristics, such as how well it cleans, how the foam will look and how active it is. One of the main factors affecting the shampoo is the color and odor. To define these features , chemists add scented oils. Natural materials, such as plant extracts, natural oils , proteins and vitamins give to the shampoo special properties. In our case, the essential oil required for the shampoo will be produced in the building and subsequently added through the appropriate machines in order to create the shampoo's unique odor and color.

In situ testing from the consumers helps determine which of these features should dominate and in what quantity. Once the characteristics of the shampoo are identified, the type is generated in the laboratory. These initial batches produced in small packages, and sold in the showroom unit.



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