The energy performance certificate (P.E.A.), is an accredited paper which certifies the energy performance of the buildings.

The energy performance certificate is required for all buildings whose total area is 50 square meters and over.

More specifically:

  • By 09/01/2012 for each sale-buy-rent of single building or part of it (e.g. apartment), as well as for business premises.
  • For participation in the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program.
  • With the completion of the construction of any new or radically refurbished building is necessary to issue the energy performance certificate.

The P.E.A. version is not required for industry, craft, workshops, warehouse, parking lots, gas stations.

With the issue of the building energy certificate, it is classified in one of the energy categories (from A+ to H) while the energy Inspector records specific scenarios for improving the energy efficiency of the building.

The duration of validity of the Energy certificate is ten (10) years.

Energy Audit


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